Mindless Eating

Did you know that you’ll probably make more than 200 food-related decisions today – 90% of which you won’t even be aware of? That’s what Dr. Brian Wansink said, and he can prove it too! Dr. Wansink is Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, and has collected hundreds of fascinating facts about why we eat the foods we eat…and sometimes don’t even realize that we’re making these choices! If you haven’t seen his book, Mindless Eating, you’ll have the opportunity to see this info come to life in a full day seminar in New York City on Sunday, May 3rd. According to Dr. Wansink, he’ll be sharing information that could “change the way you look at food, and it will give you the facts you need to easily make smarter, healthier, more mindful and enjoyable choices at the dinner table, in the supermarket, in restaurants, at the office – even at a vending machine – wherever you decide to satisfy your appetite.” Why do I love this stuff? Because it makes sense. I have been counseling patients for over three decades, and over the years I have never changed my mind about what it takes to eat healthfully and lose weight: v  You need to think about what you’re eating before you eat it. v  You need to think about why you want to eat it (and what influences your decision to choose that food.) v  You need to be aware that every bite of food you eat will appear somewhere on your body. v  You need to be OK about your decision to eat that particular food (no guilt attached.) There’s always so much to learn about the psychology behind why we make our food choices. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Wansink speak, and I’m certain that you would appreciate his insight. If you’d like to hear more about this seminar, log onto http://www.therapeuticservicesinc.com/mindless_eating.htmfor all the details or call 1-888-7-THERAPY or 1-718-692-1929. It’s bound to be an eye-opening day and I look forward to helping you become more mindful about every delicious bite!

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