“Bonnie Taub-Dix is an absolute pleasure to work with. She serves as one of Everyday Health’s chief nutrition experts in our #HealthTalk Twitter chat series, co-hosting monthly chats on all topics food-related. Bonnie has been there from the early days of #HealthTalk and has been an integral part of building up its credibility and reach. Her tweets, both authoritative and friendly in tone, offer not only sound but realistic nutrition advice that keeps our audience engaged and coming back month after month.

As an editor, I find it very seamless to work with Bonnie. She always has fresh ideas to pitch and a unique, trusted spin on breaking health and nutrition news. She is a skilled storyteller and a strong writer and is she always open to dialogue on how to make her posts the best possible. ”Ashley Welch
Associate Editor, Everyday Health


“We’ve worked with Bonnie as a consultant on several successful projects. She is smart, funny, creative and has a broad range of contacts across related industries. She made it her business to understand our business, and has been incredibly helpful and professional throughout. We look forward to a continued association.”Alice Cahn
VP Social Responsibility, Cartoon Network


“Bonnie helped me take responsibility for the food choices I made and the portion sizes I ate. Her knowledge and compassionate support enabled me to change my eating habits and lose 137 pounds.”Lenore K.


“Bonnie is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She approaches all avenues of nutrition with years of expertise and editorial finesse. Her conversational approach to covering nutrition never fails to educate or keep readers engaged.” Jordan Davidson Associate Editor at Everyday Health


“Bonnie is passionate about making the world of nutrition easy and accessible. I was truly lucky to have worked with her and feel her impact on me every day in my kitchen.”Susie Fishbein
Author of the Kosher by Design Cookbook series


“As a registered dietitian I can honestly say that Bonnie Taub-Dix is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable registered dietitians I know. She is enthusiastic, thoughtful and creative in her approach to helping people adopt healthy lifestyles. Bonnie has appeared on my show; “Samantha Heller’s Health & Nutrition” show on SiriusXM’s Doctor radio several times. She offers health advice in fun, unique and practical ways that everyone can relate to. I count myself fortunate to have Bonnie as a trusted colleague.”Samantha Heller MS RD CDN,
Host, Doctor Radio, SiriusXM, Nutrition Coordinator Fairfield YMCA, CT, author, consultant, Co-Chair of the Connecticut Coalition of the National Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.


“Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D. is an expert nutritionist for real women. She’s got the knack and know-how to take wonky, clinical data and deliver it in a way that’s attainable and easy to apply to every meal.”Chee Gates


“Bonnie Taub-Dix is one of those rare experts whose wealth of information never fails to amaze me. She offers a fresh and wise perspective on the challenges facing those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. She has presented, “How to Eatsmart” and other topics many times to corporate clients and they love her. Bonnie’s down to earth style makes sense and inspires the audience to understand nutrition and not get caught up in fads, myths and trends. Her humor, knowledge and insight make her a very valuable professional in her field.”Linda. S. Bizer, Ed.D
Making it Work Seminars and Training


“Bonnie has done a fabulous job representing the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and its members with the media. She consistently provides accurate and timely information that helps consumers make informed and healthier choices.”Kathleen M Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
Director of Nutrition, Web MD


“For the past several years, Bonnie Taub-Dix has been my nutritionist! Initially, I began to see her for weight loss guidance and we met weekly for a number of months. I was not looking to find fancy diets to follow, but rather to learn how to restructure my own relationship with food more intelligently. Bonnie provided me with important, simple, and effective nutritional information, ideas, strategies, and coupled all this with incredible and enthusiastic support. Although I am generally pretty nutritionally astute, or so I thought, I found myself relearning and tailoring my past eating experiences as Bonnie presented information based on my eating preferences. Each session provided me with much “food for thought,” and, as I began to implement her suggestions into my daily life, I achieved a weight loss of over 40 pounds – in fact, the easiest part.I have continued to see Bonnie on a regular basis (every 6 weeks) because it has taken a long and steady time with her supportive guidance for me to accept the fact that I have indeed integrated a nutritional balance scale into my life. For a number of years, if my weight went up even one or two pounds, I was convinced that I would immediately climb to my former weight. Each new eating experience – Thanksgiving dinner, a party, or a vacation with different eating challenges – provided real learning material for our sessions. I remember telling Bonnie that she was always there, “on my shoulder,” helping me to strategize and to make smart food choices. However, I also remember teasing her a little by telling her that sometimes I “pushed her off my shoulder,” and had that brownie or piece of cake.So for me, the internalization of healthy, smart eating and the ability to trust myself has taken a long time. I guess it’s called “maintenance.” Now if I go on vacation and add a pound or two, I automatically compensate when I get home and drop back to my desired weight. I am so very lucky to have found Bonnie! She is so smart, has solid nutritional grounding, presents her ideas with compelling examples, and is always, always on my side. Add to all these qualities, the fact that Bonnie is psychologically astute and quickly spots areas where this kind of support is necessary, and it doesn’t get any better! I can’t imagine a time when she won’t be in my life, because there is always some new issue or idea to “chew over,” and because it is just fun to spend time with her learning about healthy, delicious, eating!”S.W., Teaneck, N.J.